Founder Member:
The  signitories of  the  Memorandum of Society at the time of  creation and registration of PSCVTS hold the honor of being the Founder Memebers

Ordinary Members:
Any full time practicing Cardiovascular or Thoracic Surgeon who is on the consultant staff of a fully equipped hospital can apply for membership. Applictions for membership are approved in the Council of Management. After approval the new member pays his annual subscription upon which he gets all the previliged of a full member.

Life Member:
An ordinary member who has paid the prescribed life membership fee in lumpsum is called a life memebr.

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Associate Member:
Surgeons enrolled in the training programs of cardiovascular and thoracic surgey can apply for Associate Memebrship which is conferred upon them by the Council. The Associate Members can only take part in the scientific business but cannot take part in the general business of the society.

Honorary Member:
The council of PSCVTS can elect an honorary member by two third majority. An honoary member shall be a person who has played a significant role in promoting and advancing the cause of cardiovascular and thoracic surgery in the Pakistan and abroad. The honorary member will be exempted from payment of any admission or membership fee.

There are five classes of Members as following :


Pakistan Society of Cardiovascular &Thoracic Surgeons